Advantages and Disadvantages of Unlocking Your Cellphone

unlockIn order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of unlocking your cellphone, It is first necessary to understand specifically what this terminology refers to. Unlocking your phone is unrelated to jail breaking and other software modifications that give the user a higher degree of customization. Rather, unlocking simply refers to removing the restriction on your phone that prevents it from being used on other carriers. For example, if you purchase a phone at a discount because it is bundled with a two year Verizon contract, it is almost certainly locked to Verizon’s network, meaning that it cannot be used on AT&T, T-Mobile, or any other network besides Verizon.

Cellphone providers typically use either a GSM network or a CDMA network. GSM network providers, such as AT&T and T-Mobile, use SIM cards that can be removed from the phone and replaced with new ones. CDMA phones do not use SIM cards. Only devices that use SIM cards can be unlocked. Therefore, if you are on a CDMA network, there is no way for you to unlock your phone. If you want to switch networks, you need to have your network provider switch the device over for you. With a GSM phone, you need to get a cell phone unlock code in order to unlock your device. Once you have done this, you can freely choose to use whichever GSM carrier you prefer.

Unlocking your phone can bring many benefits. For one, you are not restricted in your usage of the phone. An unlocked AT&T phone will work on T-Mobile’s network. Also, unlocked phones are very useful if you travel frequently. If your phone is locked, you might have to purchase a cheap, prepaid phone to use when you travel, instead of just using your primary cellphone and switching providers on the fly. For more information about cell phone unlock codes be sure to check out

Intel To Start Making It’s Own ARM Chips

Unable to break through with its own mobile Atom chipset, it seems that Intel finally raised the white flag and has decided to begin manufacturing 64-bit ARM chips of its own.

The ARM architecture’s supremacy in the mobile market has been a result of the varied and competitive core licensing terms provided by ARM Holdings. This has allowed a variety of manufacturers – including Samsung, Apple, Nvidia and many more – to use ARM’s core designs to create integrated SoC’s of their own. In 2010 alone, an incredible 95% of smartphones shipped with ARM-based CPU’s.

It was obviously in Intel’s best interest to stop resisting the adaptation of ARM in the mobile realm, and its decision to enter into the fray against other semiconductor foundries (most notably Samsung and TSMC) brings up some interesting permutations.

First, will Intel’s historic rival chipset manufacturers like Nvidia and Qualcomm be willing to do business with it over rival foundries? Second, what sort of advantages will Intel’s 64-bit architecture offer?

This also opens up some interesting possibilities for Apple, who would love to be able to break ties with Samsung as the primary supplier of the ARM-based Ax SoC found in its iPhone smartphones and Apple tablets (including the upcoming A8 chip). It’s a process that’s been hinted at in the past, and estimated to take as long as a year and a half and cost Apple between $1 – 3 billion.

Intel’s potential ability to make high quality 64-bit ARM CPU’s may be enough to entice Apple into taking the plunge, and perhaps even get an exclusivity agreement in the meantime.

10 Must Have Apps For All Business Types

If you are a business owner and you want a more efficient way to operate the business, you should consider business apps because these apps allow you to complete tasks on your phone and tablet during times when you are on the go and cannot access the computer at home.  There are numerous companies leading the way when it comes to innovative mobile apps for business and enterprise users.  Take Companies such as, for example, that specialize in enterprise mobile applications designed to increase productivity and engagement.

Productivity Apps

EchoSign is a popular business app that allows you to get signatures from your clients on your contracts quickly without having to meet them in person to sign contracts. Another good business app is Workshare and it operates similar to Dropbox. Workshare lets you sync files and upload them to the website for long term storage.

Good Business Travel Apps

If you travel frequently and need to know where the best seats are on your particular flight, you should download Seatguru because it offers this information and and it is free to download. For those travel primarily in their cars, you can download BestParking because it helps you locate the most affordable parking spaces in town near your destination.

PDF Reader Pro

This is a must have business app because it allows you to read any PDF document on your phone while you are on the go. This app lets you scan documents and other nice features include Document Manager, WiFi sync, zooming options to see smaller print on PDF documents, password protection for all files you read and upload, and a USB file transfer feature.


Ewallet is a cool business app that acts like a wallet but instead of storing real money, it organizes all of your passwords in one location so that you can log on your most visited websites from your phone while engaging in business travel. Ewallet also offers a password so no one else get in your account with this app.


This app should be downloaded to your phone if all of your clients communicate with you by Skype and if you also have a Skype account. In addition to calling you can also sent instant messages and regular text messages, which saves you money on long-distance phone calls from your mobile phone’s carrier. It is also good for international business operations.

Best-Business-Apps-280x280Good Apps for Android Phones

Documents To Go is an Android app that allows you to view, upload and edit all Microsoft Office documents from your phone while AK Notepad lets you send short notes or reminders and send them by e-mail. For those who are stockbrokers or who work in the corporate world and who like to follow the stock market, QuotePro lets you see the latest stocks information.

Business owners no longer have to just read magazines and books in order to find out the latest information on what is happening in the business world. Thanks to some of the best business apps listed above, you can get this information in real time. In addition, you can conduct minor business affairs such as correspond with clients, send invoices, create new spreadsheets, write business reports and call others in other countries through Skype.

New To Flight Simulation? Here’s A Quick Introduction To Get You Started.

FlightSim_CockpitInstalling the flight simulation (FS) software to your computer, and using it to fly is great fun, rewarding and can in many ways improve your knowledge of how aviation works in the real world. The processing power of the computers available today shows that flying virtually is now both affordable and extremely realistic.


What You Can fly in a PC Flight Simulator?


You can fly anything through the flight simulation software on your computer, and in the Wright Flyer, you can hop a memorable hundred yards, crossing the Atlantic in a modern Falcon or RAF Hercules. You can captain a modern airliner, test your skills in an aerobatic competition, or even fly and manage military and civil planes from anywhere.


Do You Need to be a Computer Expert? to enjoy PC flight simulation?


It is not a requirement to be a computer expert before you can enjoy flight simulation on your computer because that software was designed to be installed and easily work on computers having the minimum system requirements. This is why the fans of flight simulation are students, marketers, doctors and people of all classes who just want to have fun.

The Equipment Needed for Getting Started in Flight Simulation


To get airborne, you need flight simulation programs (software) and a minimum of equipment (hardware).

  1. Hardware – You should get a computer which is reasonably powerfulit is suggested that as a minimum, your PC should be running the Windows 7, XP or Vista operating system, a processor with a minimum speed of 2GHz, RAM of 512Mb, a graphics card with RAM of 128Mb, DVD-ROM drive, 80Gb of hard drive space, mouse, speakers and sound card.
  2. Software – Many types of computer flight simulation software exist today, but in terms of performance, popularity and value, the best is Flight Simulator series from Microsoft, and it comes with many aircraft types and enables you to fly to anywhere in the world. Another popular program is X-Plane, and has always been upgraded over the years. If you cannot get that, combat sims can also meet your needs; most people love the IL-2 Sturmovik series of WWII combat simulations.

    What Are a ‘Add-on’, ‘Freeware’ and ‘Stand-Alone’ Program?

A stand-alone program like X-Plane or Flight Simulator is the type for which you do not need any additional software to make it work. Buy it; install it; and start flying. Add-ons cannot work without the presence of a stand-alone sim (that is, a ‘host’ sim), and the names of host sims are always written on the add-ons with which there is compatibility. With add-ons, many aspects can be customized by you to improve your experience, as you can fly over many places, giving you an experience that is really similar to the real world.

Freeware are the add-ons enthusiasts created and shared with others free of charge. The internet makes it possible for you to download thousands of new airports, aircraft and a multitude of other programs.




You really do not need to be an aviation expert to enjoy flight simulation, and with internet connection, the whole experience is improved in an online community, sharing ideas with like-minded people.

Must Have XBox Gaming Gear

xbox-360Xbox 360 is one of the most popular consoles for playing games today, being used by millions of people worldwide. There are many games and add-ons through which you can entertain yourself, and if you are new to the world of gaming, choosing the right game and accessories could be a little difficult.


A Better Controller


You should buy a second controller if you really want to enjoy many of the new cool games, and though there are proprietary wireless controllers made by Xbox, considering one of the third-party options offered by pro gaming gear shops is a good thing.


Rechargeable Battery Packs


Within a short time, Xbox controllers can consume your AA batteries. Rechargeable battery packs are simple, easy to use, and give you more playing time when using your controllers.


Xbox Live Gold


Having the Xbox is not enough. You can have more fun from it when it is connected to the Internet. From quality time streaming Netflix to massive multiplayer throw-downs, Xbox Live Gold gives you more than an ordinary console.


Good Xbox Live Arcade Offerings


Even if you already have some games for your new console, there are still many others that you can buy to play on your console, and the great thing is that they are affordable. One of them is Xbox Live Arcade.




Halo is the Xbox series for the hardcore gaming audience, thanks to its layered gameplay and sharp controls, and there are still many high-octane multiplayer scenarios for casual gamers.




Kinect is an improvement over the 360 (released in 2010), as it has camera and peripheral add-on added motion capture abilities which add a lot to the experience of the player. In addition to being able to control your Xbox through voice, you can use hand motions and gestures.


Dance Central


Dance Central contributed to the success of Kinect, being a dancing game tracking your dancing instead of you relying on holding a motion-sensing baton or button pressing. Dance Central 3 is the latest, and comes with a lot of features which make it to be a good companion of the Kinect.


NBA 2K13


This lets you enjoy some of the best graphics and AI available today. According to some experts, it is the most realistic and advanced sports game today, as everything appears as if you are watching sports on TV.


A Great Headset


Headsets are necessary for many Xbox Live players, especially if you are playing games requiring more cooperation with other online players. There are headsets from Microsoft and some from third-party providers, with prices being as low as $20.



Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


The Elder Scrolls series from Bethesda Networks should also be considered, as you will enjoy the best games that will always make you to be glued to your console..


The Mass Effect Trilogy


If you are afraid of dragons, dancing, basketball and guns, this game is not for you. It is for those who hate being bored, and therefore, always want to add fun to their lives. The game has captured the minds and hearts of millions of players, and you will enjoy the adventures of Commander Shepard.

iPhone 5S Rumors And News

iphone5sAre you in the market for a new smartphone?  Break your current one and considering a replacement rather than going to an iphone repair company?  Don’t hold your breath just yet for a new iPhone 5S as it stands, it is all just hearsay at the moment.

Rumors are already going round on the new mobile device that will be released after iPhone 5, and it is believed that the name of the new one would be iPhone 5S, going by the product naming system of Apple. In March, iPad 4 and the iPad Mini were released just 8 months after iPad 3, indicating that Apple is capable of surprising everybody, meaning that iPhone 5S could even appear in summer.

At the same time, the belief is that we should all be expecting iPhone 5S in late 2013, if one would consider the trend set by the iPhone 4S and 5. It can also happen that Apple would not release iPhone 5S, but instead iPhone 6, though this is not very likely. The past ‘S’ models of Apple featured the same shell as the core model, but with slightly different features and tech specs. This is likely to be the case for iPhone 5S.

There is not expected to be any big difference between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, though a slightly faster processor and better camera will definitely come with the package. According to an analyst, the iPhone 5S could be used by Apple to increase its iPhones’ margins – because of reducing profitability currently being experienced, and with the release of powerful mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, the next iPhone would really need to have unbeatable features.

The Date of Release of iPhone 5S

Before Apple releases iPhone 6, it is believed that iPhone 5S will come first, and according to analysts, iPhone 6 would not be released until 2014, while the release date of iPhone 5S could be from June. However, there are still those who claim that the full commercial production of 5S has already started.

iOS 7 for iPhone 5S

It is believed that the iOS 7 would be released in September or October, based on the previous releases of Apple. However, there could be a delay if the company managers think otherwise. Whatever is decided, iOS 7 will definitely come with a big redesign, possibly with the introduction of a flat appearance like the Metro design language of Microsoft.

iPhone 5S display

With the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, users should expect to have a camera and Super HD screen display, based on the reports made available in December 2012. Taiwanese supplier, Innolux, is making available a ‘Touch On Display’ panel with a 0.5mm thickness and 10 point multi-touch. The handset is believed to be coming with a Retina+ Sharp IGZO display of a resolution of 1080p Full HD, while some suspect that two handset sizes could be introduced by Apple, as the company is trying to compete with the different types of Android devices on sale today.

iPhone 5S Casing

Going by rumors, this year would have many mobile devices in addition to the iPhone 5S, as Apple could be preparing a smartphone which is even bigger; known as iPhone Math – to launch in June. It is believed that multiple sizes would come with the new iPhone, though it is not still certain.

The iPhone 5S camera will definitely be one of the main competitive factors of Apple when the new phone is released. Some suspect that the iPhone would come with NFC at some stage, as Passbook and iOS 6 were built into the iPhone 5.